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Students, the No Admit List is now in effect for sporting events and school dances.  Check your email or the list of IDs posted on the windows across from the Wisconsin Office, near the cafeteria.  Remember, you cannot attend any sport event during this week if you are on the No Admit List and you must have 3 or less tardies and 0 unexcused absences across a school week to not appear on the No Admit List.

Spartan Awareness will again be hosting their Christmas Coins fundraiser!  Bring in your spare cash and change to donate this Thursday and Friday to the A Wing Foyer before school, during lunch and after school.  All the donations are for purchasing toys for the children at the YWCA homeless shelter for the holidays.

Seniors, if you have ever wondered what it is like to work for the UW, an architect firm, Zimbrick, Culver’s, Macy’s, Journey Mental Health, or Old National Bank, then get a ticket to the Career Fair, to be held on Wednesday, December 18th.  The last day to get a ticket is Monday the 16th.  Tickets can be obtained from your Neighborhood Office, as long as you submit a Pre-Approved Absence form for either 4th or 5th hour.