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MSCR Basketball League starts today, after school, in the Field House.  Check your practice time in the Welcome Center or Room 764D.

Raise Your Voice will meet today during lunch in Room 500.

What are your dinner plans for tonight?  Swing by Culvers on Mineral Point Road between 4:00 and 8:00 pm to help the JMM softball team raise some money at their share night. 

Starting the week of December 9, JMM students that have 4 or more tardies or 1 or more unexcused absences during the preceding week will be placed on a No Admit List.   Students on this list may NOT attend school events, including sports events (as spectators) or dances for the upcoming week. If you believe that your inclusion on this list is due to an attendance error, you should resolve the absence with your Neighborhood Office. To remove yourself from the No Admit List, you will need to have 3 or less tardies and 0 unexcused absences the week prior to any school event you wish to attend. Keep in mind that this week’s attendance is used to calculate the No Admit List for the week of December 9th, so be sure to have 3 or less tardies and 0 unexcused absences this week!