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Starting next week, JMM students that have 4 or more tardies or 1 or more unexcused absences during the preceding week will be placed on a No Admit List.   Students on this list may NOT attend school events, including sports events (as spectators) or dances for the upcoming week. If you believe that your inclusion on this list is due to an attendance error, you should resolve the absence with your Neighborhood Office. To remove yourself from the No Admit List, you will need to have 3 or less tardies and 0 unexcused absences the week prior to any school event you wish to attend. Keep in mind that this week’s attendance is used to calculate the No Admit List for next week, so be sure to have 3 or less tardies and 0 unexcused absences this week!  You are also reminded that if your parent has called you in late for the day, you MUST check in to your neighborhood office before going to class to get it excused.

All Seniors!  If you are interested in networking with professionals for a career you are considering, we invite you to the JMM Career Fair on Wednesday, December 18th.  Seniors may enter the Fair during 4th or 5th hour with a ticket.  Tickets can be obtained from your Neighborhood Office as long as you submit a pre-approved absence form.  Representatives from over 30 local businesses and organizations are ready to talk to you about their careers and how to get started yourself.

MSCR Basketball game schedules are now posted in the Welcome Center.

Spartan Awareness has a meeting today at the beginning of lunch in Room 615.  Be there to help out with their Christmas Coin Fundraiser!