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Student Services 2019-2020

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**Please Volunteer to be a Tutor! - see your counselor**

Being a peer tutor is great for building you resume and giving back to your JMM community!

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Fox Neighborhood:

Kristin Kluge (A-Sn)

Andrew Stendahl (So - Z)

Rock Neighborhood:

Dan Maloney (A - Sn)

Andrew Stendahl (So - Z)

Wolf Neighborhood:

Troy Arneson (A - Sn)

Andrew Stendahl (So - Z)

Wisconsin Neighborhood:

Emily Cochran (A - Sn)

Andrew Stendahl (So - Z)

AVID Students, Academic & Career Planning and SELS Coordinator:

Len Mormino (all AVID students except ELL seniors)

ELL Students:

Ying Vang

Counselor Course Selection Video 

2019-20 School Profile (UPDATE SEPT/OCT)

Elective Department Videos:

World Language
Technology and Engineering
Family & Consumer Sciences
Business, Marketing, and Info. Technology