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Student Services 2016-2017


"Student Service Connection" Newsletter

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9th Grade HS Academic and Career Plan google doc

10th Grade HS Academic and Career Plan google doc


To book a time with your counselor for personal, academic, college, or career planning, click on their name below.

Fox Neighborhood:

Amy Olson (A-Sn)

Zoe (Coleman) Ellerbusch (So - Z)

Rock Neighborhood:

Dan Maloney (A - Sn)

Zoe (Coleman) Ellerbusch (So - Z)

Wolf Neighborhood:

Troy Arneson (A - Sn)

Zoe (Coleman) Ellerbusch (So - Z)

Wisconsin Neighborhood:

Emily Cochran (A - Sn)

Zoe (Coleman) Ellerbusch (So - Z)

AVID Students, Academic & Career Planning Coordinator:

Len Mormino (all AVID students except ELL seniors)

ELL Students:

Ying Vang


Counselor Course Selection Video 


Elective Department Videos:

World Language                              Music                                                          Technology and Engineering   

                          Family Consumer Sciences               Business, Marketing, and Info. Technology                                  Art



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