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Breakfast & Lunch Menus 

  • Menu is available for the virtual Food Boxes.

  • Quick access to your school's menu

  • Get nutrition information for each food item

  • See images and descriptions of entrees

Secondary Lunch Hour

Lunch hours will be different for high school and middle school. All high schools will facilitate a grab-and-go lunch. Students will be extended seven minutes after the last hour bell to eat before boarding the metro bus. The middle schools will not have a standard plan for lunch across all schools. We are proposing several options for schools to consider:

  1. Eating in the classroom
  2. Utilizing the cafeteria and other shared spaces
  3. Eating outside on the track or sitting in the bleachers at the neighboring high school.

Summer - Market Meal Box Menu  

7 meals presented on a table

We can pack a lot of food into one box!!! 

Starting February 1st, each box will contain components for 7 balanced breakfast and lunch meals that meet the requirements for the National School Lunch & Breakfast Programs.  Families may either refrigerate or freeze any portion of the meal components in the boxes to provide flexibility for households. Fresh produce will be packaged separately from the Market Boxes and milk will continue to be optional. Most of the items will require refrigeration and some items will need to be heated (microwave, stovetop, or oven) prior to eating.  Please follow our Menus and check out the Heating Instructions.  In case you were wondering, the black food containers are microwavable and oven safe.

Reap Truck

Once again the UpRoot by REAP food truck will bring innovative, local lunches to some of our high schools. MMSD and REAP Food Group have worked closely to find the best local ingredients and the most delicious menu items that students will enjoy.