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What happens if we will be out of town during enrollment? 

  1. Complete the online enrollment beginning August 6
  2. Pay Fees online
  3. Call the school at 663-5992 and provide the student’s name, parent(s) name and email information.
  4. After enrollment is completed on 8/20, we will contact families that were not able to come in with a make up date/time.  Please note that your student will need to have their picture/ID taken on either 9/3 or 9/4.  We will have limited staff available at the make up enrollment.  Only students with a conflict or incomplete schedule will be able to see a counselor to have this fixed.  Students wanting a schedule change will have to wait until school starts.
  5. Students will pick up their chromebook once they receive their ID picture from Library staff.

Can my student come in and complete the enrollment on their own or do they need to have a parent with them?  A student does not need to bring their parent with them.  Please make sure the online enrollment is complete.  If they will be paying any fees, be sure they bring a check with them made out to JMM.


Do I have to pay for all my fees during enrollment?  No.  You may go online and pay balances due with a credit card at any time without a service fee or bring in a check to Memorial’s Main Office after school begins to pay for school fees.  The District does send out monthly invoices for all fees owed once school begins.  If you need to request a waiver for some or all of your student’s fees click here.

What is the consumable fee for?  Any classroom supplies not included in the supply list for all grades.

What is the activity fee for?  This covers co-curricular District costs, i.e. materials and staff time not supported by club activities, anything non-athletic.  All students can participate in any activity.  This is a Board of Education fee that is part of the District budget.

Why do I have to purchase a planner?  The planner is used as a learning tool to keep students organized. There are important dates in the planner and it is used as a hall pass in many classes.  

What is the Athletic Pass for and should I purchase one?  The athletic pass is available to all students, and can be purchased at any time throughout the school year, though we recommend purchasing during enrollment to get the most value out of it. The cost is $20 and the pass will get you into all regular season Memorial HOME games during the school year for varsity level contests. Regular game tickets are $3 each, so if your student plans to attend more than seven home varsity events throughout the year, this pass will save you money.

Students that purchase an Athletic Pass will need to bring their school ID to every home game, in order to get in without purchasing a ticket. Their Memorial school ID will have an “A” printed on it denoting their Athletic Pass.  Athletic passes are printed directly on the student ID.  If you purchase the athletic pass later, you will need to have a new ID printed.


My student will not get a license until later in the year.  Can he/she purchase one now?  Students must have a valid driver’s license at the time of purchase and they are only available for purchase to seniors and juniors during enrollment.  If a senior or junior is absent during enrollment, and they have a valid driver license, they can obtain a parking pass the first week of school.  Until parking passes run out, permits will be available to 11th through 12th grade students who get a license during the school year.


My student is absent during enrollment week, how can they get their photo taken?  Lifetouch will be at Memorial all day on 9/3 and 9/4 for students that weren’t able to attend enrollment.  Students should bring their receipt with them if they paid for the Athletic Pass as that will be printed on their ID card. 

Do I have to have my photo taken?  Pictures taken by Lifetouch during enrollment and on 9/3 and 9/4 are used for the school ID for ALL STUDENTS and parents also have the option of purchasing a photo package.  There will be one make up picture day on October 16 for retakes and for those that missed ordering a photo package.

I am a senior, do I still need to have my picture taken at enrollment?  All students are required to have their picture taken because these pictures are also used as the school ID card.


I am the parent.  My child is not able to attend enrollment with me on 8/16 and 8/20/19.  Why can't I pick up their chromebook?  Students must present their ID and complete the District Device Agreement to receive their chromebook.  At this time, they will also log in using their password to make sure they are able to sign in.


When will I get my schedule?  The online enrollment must be completed.  During enrollment on 8/16 and 8/20, Memorial staff will verify that the online enrollment is complete, fees have been taken care of, and the student ID picture is taken.  You will then receive your school planner and pick up a copy of your schedule.  Student schedules will not be available to view on Infinite Campus until 9/5/19.


Do I have to purchase the yearbook during Enrollment?  No, but the price of the yearbook goes up from $47 to $50 after 1/1/20.



My child wants to participate in Athletics.  What do I need to turn in to sign him/her up?

Every student-athlete is required to have a physician’s physical clearance card/report on file, in the Athletic Office. A physical is valid for two school years, if completed after April 1st of each year.

At your annual physical exam, please have the office staff at your physician's office fill out a WIAA Physical Clearance Form. You may bring in a Green Card from Memorial Athletics, or you may print the clearance form from the WIAA website, and bring it in. Most medical facilities have the printable versions of this form on hand.

You and your athlete will also need to complete the Online Eligibility Forms, in order to sign up for a particular sport. You will need your Parent Portal and Student Infinite Campus log-in information. Please contact the school at 663-5590 between 6/15 - 8/10/18 or your neighborhood office during the school year if you have misplaced this information, or reset your password online.


My child is signed up for a sport.  Can I pay my Athletic Participation Fee during registration?

Your student-athlete’s coach will reach out when they begin collecting fees for their sport. The fee will not appear in your “Fees” tab in Infinite Campus until coaches have finalized rosters and have submitted those rosters to the Athletic Office; this usually occurs after the first week of practice or tryouts.

Once you see your athletic fee in Infinite Campus, you may pay it online, without a service fee, at any time, or you may opt to have your student turn in a check or cash to their coach or the Athletic Office. Please make checks payable to “Memorial Athletics” and be sure to include to your student’s full name and sport in the Memo line.