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Global Scholars Program & the GEAC (Global Education Achievement Certificate)

Thank you for your interest in becoming and being recognized as a global scholar. Global scholars demonstrate knowledge of the world, awareness of diverse cultures and perspectives, the ability to communicate across language and cultural boundaries and a commitment to collaborate with others to improve conditions.  

The requirements of the Global Education Achievement Certificate Program are designed to support your journey toward global competence.  This program is for you.  The time, effort and thought you invest to complete each requirement are designed to lead to more than a certificate of recognition.  Each step of the way holds the promise of learning something new about the world and your role within it. As you work toward completion of GEAC requirements, in consultation with your Global Learning Advisor, focus on experiences that are meaningful to you. 

We look forward to your participation with us in your pursuit of global mindedness!

-The JMM High Global Scholars Committee

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WI DPI GEAC Statement Of Intent


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