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Graduation Message from the Chiefs (February 1, 2021)

CAPS, GOWNS, & STOLESgraduation_cap.jpg

We know that this pandemic has created significant financial hardships for some of our students and their families. That is why, for this year’s graduating class, MMSD will cover the cost of cap/gown/tassel/stole units for graduating seniors.  If you have not yet, please follow the enclosed instructions (Spanish) to place an order for your free cap & gown as soon as possible. Initial rounds of distribution will be taking place at the end of April, and we want to make sure your order is included. Details will be shared following Spring Break.


The school will provide a Senior t-shirt, mask and yard sign for all seniors, free of cost.  We hope to be able to distribute these items to seniors at the end of April.


Seniors will once again be showcased in a digital billboard campaign in Madison.  Please fill out the JMM Senior Celebration Media Consent Form and upload a photo to use if you would like.


You will be able to place orders online through Midwest Scholastic for graduation announcements and other senior apparel. You should receive an email from them with all the information you will need for placing your order. Please be aware that no refunds will be issued for any of these items. If you did not receive an email, please contact Rachel Braun at  


If you have not purchased a yearbook and would like one, please contact Rachel Braun in the Wisconsin Neighborhood Office at 663-6101 or by email at


If you would like to contribute to our graduation fund, please fill out this form for JMM. All funds will go towards providing items for the 2021 Senior class.


Senior Advisory

 If you would like to join our Senior Advisory, please contact Ms. Glaaser by email at

Parent/Guardian Advisory

If you would like to join our Parent/Guardian Advisory, please contact Ms. Blackamore at

CREDIT VERIFICATIONS (How does the school verify my credits?)

Before a student is issued a diploma, counselors must verify that they have met all graduation requirements. Counselors will be working closely with teachers to make sure students are passing and will reach out to students/families that are in danger of not passing a course required to graduate.

In order to earn a JMM diploma a student must have earned 22 credits, including the following: 

English – 4 credits; Social Studies – 3 credits; Science – 3 credits; Math – 3 credits; Humanities – 1 credit; PE – 1.5 credits; Health – 0.5 credits; and Financial Literacy - 0.5 credits.

A senior with 20.5 credits earned by June 9th may participate in the graduation ceremonies with the understanding that graduation will not officially occur until 22 credits have been earned.


Please be sure to resolve all library books, class fees, registration fees, equipment returns, etc. BY June 9th, 2021.