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Student Support

Bilingual Resource Specialists

Hildner, Richard - Spanish

Melgarejo, Enoch - Spanish

Ouk, Sathin - Cambodian


Arneson, Troy - Wolf Neighborhood (A - Sn)

Cochran, Emily - Wisconsin Neighborhood (A - Sn)

Kluge, Kristin - Fox Neighborhood (A - Sn)

Liverpool, Omefa - Rock Neighborhood (A - Sn)

Mormino, Len - AVID

Olson, Amy - All Neighborhoods (So - Z)

Vang, Ying - ELL


Flowers, Marques - Wisconsin/Wolf Neighborhoods

Slempkes, Drew - Fox/Rock Neighborhoods


Anderson, Morgan - Wisconsin/Wolf Neighborhoods

Conway, Deb - Fox/Rock Neighborhoods

Social Workers

Menges, Trina - Fox/Rock Neighborhoods

Shimanovsky Schwartz, Lauren - Wisconsin/Wolf Neighborhoods

Barrientos, Rosemary - ELL


Achievement Connections Tutor Coordinator - Jeff Fenchel

Blended Credit Recovery (MAAP) - Nick Schmidt

Library/Media Specialist and Tech Support - Kristin DeLorme

Madison School and Community Recreation (MSCR) - Roxanne Rios, Heidi Jimenez

Multicultural Services Coordinator- Andrea Jones

Nurse/Health Office - Marie Dietrich, Gretchen Forbes, Jill Rude


Castaneda Tucker, Patricia - Ceramics and Sculpture 1, Ceramics and Sculpture 2

Frontier, Joe (Department Chair) - Advanced Video Production, Photography 1, Photography 2, Photography 2-3

Newland, Josh - Digital Art 2, Drawing 1, Drawing 2, Drawing 2-3

Parris Ford, Teri - Digital Art 1, Painting 1, Yearbook Design and Publishing

Riedle, Grace - Art Metals and Glass 1, Fashion Design, AVID 4


Golden, Johanna - AVID 2, AVID 4

Hutchins, Nathan - AVID 2, U.S. History

Luna Olivares, Aitor - AVID 3, U.S. History (Spanish DLI)

Mawer, Gregory - AP World History, AVID 1

Oryall, Kera - AVID 1, English 1 Honors

Paker, Elizabeth - Algebra 1, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, AVID 3

Riedle, Grace - Art Experiences, Art Metals and Glass 1, AVID 4

Business, Marketing, and IT

Peters, Kourtney - Intro to Business and Marketing, Personal Finance, Sports & Event Management

Richardson, Bill - Bits and Bytes, Intro to Programming, Law and Ethics

Wheeler, Sacia (Department Chair) - Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Personal Finance


Bowe, Heidi - English 2, English 2 Honors

Chavez Determan, Carrie - English 4

Garrison, Kim - English 1

Glaaser, Kara - AP Literature and Composition, English 3

Guse, Dianne - AP Literature and Composition, English 4

Harris, Mike - English 2, English 2 Honors

Loyd, Maria - AP Literature and Composition, English 3, Film Studies

Mead, Maureen - English 1, English 1 Honors, English 3

Mitchell, Leslie - English 2, English 2 Honors

Oryall, Kera - AVID 1, English 1 Honors

Rongstad, Kari - Creative Writing, English 1, English 1 Honors

Vander Ark, Chris (Department Chair) - AP Language and Composition, English 4

Verhelst, Paige - English 3, Film Studies

Walkner, Dan - English 2, English 3

Weber, Sarada - AP Language and Composition, English 1


Barrientos, Rosemary - Social Worker

Bravo Valenzuela, Paulina - U.S. History, World History

Campos-Diaz, Sandra - Conceptual Biology, Earth Science, Integrated Science, Science Fundamentals, Unified Science

Graebel, Isolde - Advanced English, English for Academic Success, English Fundamentals, Intermediate English

Hildner, Richard - Bilingual Resource Specialist (Spanish)

Knezevic, Anne (Department Chair) - Literacy Skills 2, Literacy Skills 3, Literacy Skills 4 (Semester 1 ARCHIVE)

Luna Olivares, Aitor - AVID 3, U.S. History (Spanish DLI)

Melgarejo, Enoch - Bilingual Resource Specialist (Spanish)

Mendoza, Jose - Algebra 1, Blended Credit Recovery, Extended Math, Geometry

Ouk, Sathin - Bilingual Resource Specialist (Cambodian)

Price, Cindy - Advanced Literature, Intermediate Literature, Literature for Academic Success, Literature Fundamentals

Salas, Ashley - ESL Math Support, Algebra and Geometry

Swiggum, Chris - Literacy Skills 1, Social Studies Fundamentals, U.S. History, World History Overview

Vang, Ying - Counselor

Family and Consumer Education

Brutscher, Marge - Culinary Basics, Parenting & Children

Costello, Annie (Department Chair) - Body Structure & Function, Child Development - Birth to 5 Years, Medical Terminology

Dinndorf, Lisa - International Cuisine, ProStart Chef 1


Acker, Lauren - Advanced Algebra, Geometry Honors

Borchardt, Kevin - Geometry

Carney, Signe - Algebra 1, Geometry Honors

Collins, Steve - AP Statistics, Blended Credit Recovery, Statistics

Diederichs, Kelsey - Algebra 1, Algebra 2/Trigonometry

Ferrante, Diana - Advanced Algebra, Algebra 2/Trigonometry Honors

King, Joe (Department Chair) - Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus

Kvistad, Matt - Algebra 3, Algebra 3 Honors

McClellan, Joshua - Advanced Algebra, Geometry

Mode, Catherine - Algebra 1, Geometry

Paker, Elizabeth - Algebra 1, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, AVID 3

Piper, Leslie - Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Algebra 3

Reich, Ryan - Extended Math, Geometry

Salas, Ashley - ESL Math Support, Algebra and Geometry

Yahr, Alesha - Algebra 1 Honors, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC


Jaeger, Ben (Department Chair) - Concert Band 1, Concert Band 2, Guitar 1-2, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble

Jenkins, Carol - Concert Orchestra

McConnell, Erin - Theatre 1 (Semester 1 / Semester 2)

Weber McMahon, Shawn - Chorale, Concert Choir, Music Appreciation

Physical Education/Health

Anderson, Chandra - Health Education, Personal Fitness, Social Dance

Geerdes, Julie (Department Chair) - Health Education, Lifeguard Training/Pro CPR

Neumann, Lindsey - Health Education, Intro to Sports Medicine, PE1: Foundations of Physical Activity

Rogers, Jason - Challenges & Adventures, PE1: Foundations of Physical Activity, Weight Training 1, Weight Training 2

Spencer, Jon - Advanced Ropes, Challenges & Adventures

Spencer, Zach - Life Skills Physical Education, PE1: Foundations of Physical Activity


Maier, Kristin - Language Level 2, Language Level 2 X

Veit, Susan - Language Level 1, Language Level 1 X, Reading to Achieve


Angyal, Caroline - Biology, Integrated Science

Brady-Osborne, Melinda - Chemistry

Campos-Diaz, Sandra - Conceptual Biology, Earth Science, Integrated Science, Science Fundamentals, Unified Science

Comins, Ann - AP Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemistry Honors

Dwyer, Heather - Anatomy and Physiology, Principals of Biomed Science (PLTW)

Gonring, Wendy - AP Biology, Biology

Johansson, Stacey - Anatomy and Physiology, Integrated Science, Integrated Science Honors

Kellor, Cindy (Department Chair) - AP Biology

Lenoch, Riley - Integrated Science, Integrated Science Honors

McElmeel, Deborah - Forensic Science, Integrated Science

Murphy, Sarah - AP Environmental Science, Biology

Senson, Ben - Astronomy, General Physics, Integrated Science Honors

Spence, Tyler - Chemistry

Spencer, Jean-Paul - Biology, Integrated Science

Stec, Lisa - AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2

Wilcox Panzer, Anne - Earth Science 1

Social Studies

Amini, Chad - AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics/Fin Lit, AP U.S. History

Bravo Valenzuela, Paulina - U.S. History, World History

Burda, Jeanette - U.S. History, U.S. History Honors

Chase, Julie - U.S. Ethnic Studies, World History

Hutchins, Nathan - AVID 2, U.S. History

Janssen, Amber - AP U.S. History, AP World History

Luna Olivares, Aitor - AVID 3, U.S. History (Spanish DLI)

Mawer, Gregory - AP World History, AVID 1

Miller, Cathy - U.S. History, U.S. History Honors

Nichols, Charlotte - Modern U.S. History, World History

Olson, Dave (Department Chair) - AP U.S. Government and Politics, Particular Topics in U.S. Government

Patton, Catherine - AP U.S. History, AP World History, United States & World Affairs

Voss, Ben - Modern U.S. History, Particular Topics in Sociology

Voss, Kristin - AP Psychology, Psychology

Special Education

Apitz, Jessica - Guided Study, Introductory Vocational Skills, Life Skills English

Banuelos, Victor - U.S. History, 9th Grade Rock Neighborhood Support

Basten, Anna - Speech/Language Clinician

Becker, Susan - English 1 and 2, English 3 and 4, Guided Study

Berndt, Nicholas - Civics, 10th Grade ICT Pathways Support

Bhatt, Yashi - Introductory Vocational Skills, Life Skills English

Burdey, Kathleen - 18-21 Community Vocational Programming

Haapala, Dan - Life Skills Math, Off-site Alternative Programming, Self Determination

Heckelsmiller, Erin - Guided Study, Math 3

Jennaro, Charles - Math 2, Self Determination, Off-site Alternative Programming

Johnson, Kirk - 18-21 Community Vocational Programming

Larson, Stewart - Competitive Employment Trans Skills, Cooperative Work Experience, Grades 11/12 Health Sciences Pathway Support

Lovenberg, Katherine - 9th Grade ICT Pathways/Wisconsin Neighborhood Support

Maier, Kristin - Language/Reading Classes

Malek, Franklin - Study Skills 1, 9th Grade Wolf Neighborhood Support

McGilligan-Austin, Ann - Guided Study, Personal Finance Support

Ohlendorf, Paige - Academic Skills, Daily Living Skills, Guided Study, Life Skills Math

Olsen, Alicia - Guided Study, Study Skills 2, English 2 Support

Packard, Stacy - 18-21 Community Vocational Programming

Radford, Lauren (sub Gerald Goodwin) - Extended Math, Math Support

Ragotzkie, Susan - Guided Study, Life Skills Math, Off-site Alternative Programming, Personal Growth & Development

Richardson, Tim - 9th Grade Health Sciences Pathway/Fox Neighborhood Support

Schneeberg, Alissa (Department Chair) - Off-site Students

Streit, Kim - Earth Science Support, Online Course Support

Widerski, Alec - Biology Support, Grade 11/12 Health Sciences Pathway Support

Technology and Engineering

Espenes, Nano - Intro to Engineering (PLTW), Wood Fabrication 1, Wood Fabrication 2

Tokheim, Miles (Department Chair) - Automotive Technology 1, Automotive Technology 2, Automotive Technology 3, Consumer Auto, Intro to Engineering (PLTW) 

World Languages

Lanham, Zachary - Spanish 1, Spanish 2

Nicholas, Judy - AP Spanish Language, Spanish 3

Ortega Horn, Olga - Spanish 1, Spanish Language Arts (DLI)

Paust, Sigrun - German1, German 2, German 3, German 4

Pierce, Natasha - Chinese 1, Chinese 2, Chinese 3, AP Chinese Language and Culture

Seymour-Nahn, Dineen - Spanish 3, Spanish 4

Skrede, Christina - Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish Language Arts (DLI)

Sparks, Jamie - AP French Language, French 1

Stangel, Marie - Spanish 2, Spanish 4

Zupan, Jennifer (Department Chair) - French 2, French 3, French 4