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Psychologists, Social Workers, Minority Services Coordinator, Parent Engagement Coordinator, & Nurses

Psychologist for Wolf and Wisconsin Neighborhoods and
AODA counselor for all students
Spartan Head
Ms. Morgan Anderson
(608) 663-6053
Psychologist for Fox and Rock Neighborhoods Deb Conway
Ms. Deb Conway
(608) 663-6066

Social Worker for Fox & Rock Neighborhoods






Social Worker for Wisconsin & Wolf Neigborhoods

Suzanne Blackamore
Ms. Suzanne Blackamore


Spartan Head

Ms. Lauren Shimanovsky

(608) 663-6052








(608) 442-2995

Social Worker for all ELL Students Rosemary Barrientoss
Ms. Rosemary Barrientos
(608) 663-6051
Multicultural Student Services Coordinator Joanne Brown
Ms. Joanne Brown
(608) 663-6168
Nursing Assistant

Spartan Head

Ms. Jill Rude

(608) 663-6072
Nurse for Fox Neighborhood Spartan Head
Ms. Jane Imholte
(608) 662-2241
Nurse for Rock, Wisconsin, and Wolf Neighborhoods Marie Dietrich
Ms. Marie Dietrich
(608) 663-6071

Parent Engagement Coordinator

Student Engagement Coordinator


Student Services Office Secretaries

Support Position Name Phone #
Student Services Secretary & Registrar

Sherry Zander

Mrs. Sherry Zander
(608) 663-6054
Student Services Secretary Deb Kosloske
Ms. Deb Kosloske
(608) 663-6055
FAX Machine Student Services Office fax machine (608) 442-2196