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Most students will go on to some type of training or education after high school to enter a career that is right for them, and make enough money to support the lifestyle they want. Your Counselors will meet with you several times by senior year individually and in class to discuss ideas and options for you, but we strongly encourage you to spend time exploring your options on your own, and make additional appointments with your counselor as needed to discuss what you find.

 Completing Your College Application


December 12, 2015 is the deadline Student Services Department sets for timely processing of college apps to be delivered to college campuses by the Holiday Break. Students should submit any college materials that need to go through their counselor no later than this date. If you are just beginning this process please read the guidelines below.

  1. ELECTRONIC/ONLINE APPLICATIONS: When applying online, download and print the “Counselor” portion only if the school requires it (this is no longer common). Bring this part to your counselor so s/he can fill out and send any necessary information to that campus.
  2. ORDER YOUR TRANSCRIPT to be sent to the schools you wish to apply to. Please note that our process has changed.

    James Madison Memorial High School transcripts are now ordered and delivered electronically (on-line): The Madison Metropolitan School District has joined the Wisconsin e-transcript initiative to bring you a quick, confidential, and paperless way to send your transcripts directly to colleges, the NCAA, the Common Application and other destinations of your choice. Transcripts may be ordered at by MMSD graduates, parents and guardians of students, and by current students who are over the age of 18. This electronic service allows you to order transcripts online at any time and track the status of the transcripts that have been sent.

    The First Step to ordering a transcript is to create an account at As you move through the registration process, please note that MMSD does not issue "registration codes" to students. Simply leave this item blank and continue with the account process. Once registered, the website will provide additional instructions for ordering your transcripts.

    Current Students and their parents may download and print a copy of a transcript from Infinite Campus for your own personal use. Personal transcripts are not considered official and will not be accepted for admission purposes to colleges and universities, the Common Application, or the NCAA. Most athletic offices, employers, and some scholarship applications will accept a printed copy of the personal transcript.

    Transcripts needed for scholarship purposes are free. In order to request an official transcript for scholarship purposes, please contact Students Services or your counselor.

  3. PAPER APPLICATIONS: These are not common or available at most schools anymore. If you are completing one, bring the completed paper copy of an application to your counselor for processing. Attach application fee check, additional attachments, etc...
  4. SOME PRIVATE COLLEGE APPLICATIONS REQUIRE A RECOMMENDATION: Your counselor will need a “Student Brag Sheet” and “Parent Brag Sheet” plus a resume of your activities in order to write a recommendation for you. Give or email “Teacher Report Form” to teachers who you have requested letters of recommendation from, and fill out a “Teacher Brag Sheet” if they would like one (they can be obtained in Student Services). Make sure to give your teacher a stamped, addressed envelope to each campus you would like their letter sent to.
  5. SENDING ACT/SAT TEST RESULTS: All test scores (ACT, SAT I and SAT Subject Tests) must be sent directly from the testing agency. This means that YOU contact the testing company. The Counseling Department cannot do this for you. You may request to have your results sent to colleges on the registration form for either test, as a limited number are free of charge at that time.

 Guidelines Specific to UW-Madison

An often asked question is "What does it take to be admitted to UW Madison?" UW-Madison considers both academic and non-academic indicators of success, the learning environment, and the applicant's potential for contribution to the University community. They have no prescribed minimum test score, GPA, or class rank above which admission is guaranteed, but these factors are obviously very important.

Rigor of courses, including senior year, is important. Admitted students have typically completed accelerated, honors, AP and/or IB courses. Approximately 70% of UW-Madison students receive credit for AP, IB, or college course work completed while in high school.

Typical Profile of student admitted to UW Madison:

  • Graduating in the upper 10-15% of your class, as measured by GPA
  • ACT composite score of 28 or higher
  • English: 4 credits or more
  • Algebra: 1 credit
  • Geometry: 1 credit
  • Advanced Math: 2 credits or more
  • Social Studies: 3 credits or more
  • Science: 4 credits or more
  • Single world language: 2 credits or more (required)
  • Additional academic/fine arts: 2 credits or more

World language course work completed in 7th and 8th grades will count toward the university world language requirement if work at the next higher level is completed in high school. For example, a student who takes the equivalent of first year Spanish in 7th and 8th grade and then completes second year Spanish in 9th grade will have fulfilled the world language requirement. (NOTE: Courses taken in 7th or 8th grades do not count toward the 22 credits required for graduation from Memorial.)

Your UW Madison Application:

  1. Personal Statement: You must include a thoughtful, well-written Personal Statement with your application. Admissions staff say they are looking for 1-2 typed pages. Suggestions for writing the Personal Statement include being especially careful with your grammar and spelling. Provide details you would like UW to know about you. This space is an opportunity to shine or to explain circumstances that have affected academic performance. You may also describe an extra-curricular experience that was most meaningful to you.
  2. Request a letter of recommendation from an English or social studies teacher and one from a math or science teacher. Remember to follow the directions regarding teacher recommendations that counselors gave recently in your English class.
  3. UW-Madison is serious about schedule changes and about your senior-year grades. They state, "Admission is based on our evaluation of a number of factors, including senior year courses. If admitted students change any of their current courses without our approval, their admission may be canceled. We strongly advise students not to change their course list. However, if extenuating circumstances prevent a student from pursuing the current course list, the student will need to write a letter of appeal explaining and justifying the course change(s). Any course change must be approved by our office, or the student's admission may be canceled. Admitted students who have school work in progress must provide us with a copy of their final transcript showing senior year grades and certifying graduation. It is important for them to do the best work they can during their senior year. Their admission will be made final only if their senior courses are completed with grades of the quality they presented for admission consideration."

 Guidelines Specific to University of Minnesota

Applications are available in the Student Services Office. The priority freshman application deadline for the fall semester is usually in December.  Check their website for details. U of MN has notified us that all applicants will be evaluated on a variety of criteria. Student Help-Line: (800) 752-1000.

Tuition Reciprocity Agreement: The University of Minnesota System and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System campuses have a reciprocity agreement whereby residents of one state pay in-state tuition in the other state. In the spring students must complete a Reciprocity Application in order to be eligible for in-state tuition. Students must file the application on-line. Tuition Reciprocity Application

 Guidelines Specific to Madison Area Technical College (MATC)

Madison College offers an excellent variety of one-year diploma and two-year associate degree programs. MATC offers a two-year college transfer program that is accepted by the UW System. Brochures and catalogs describing all programs are available in the Career Resource Center.  Admission requirements vary depending on the program you are applying to.

The ACT is required in the following fields at MATC:

  • Animal technician
  • Associate Degree in Nursing Technical
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Occupational Therapy Technician
  • Optometric Technician
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Radiography

Students applying for these programs should take the ACT on the first date offered.

If you are a current junior, be sure that you and your parent or guardian attend the "Post High School Options Planning" night during Spring semester (date to be announced). Speakers from UW Madison, the UW System, private colleges, MATC, and the University of Minnesota will be there just for you!

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