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 What are the SAT and ACT Exams?

The SAT I and the ACT are national tests which colleges use as part of the admission process. High school students usually take these in the spring of their junior year, or the fall of their senior year. Some students even take a test more than once, in an effort to improve their score. Most colleges accept either the SAT I or the ACT test, so you do not have to take both. But some colleges seem to "prefer" one test over the other. See your counselor for information about the tests and for registration materials. Be careful about registration deadlines.

PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION TO: ACT Test Dates and Registration Deadlines

PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION TO: SAT Test Dates and Registration Deadlines

 If you'd like to prepare for the tests, check out the resources below...

  1. ACT Homepage
  2. SAT Homepage
  3. Sample ACT Tests
  4. SAT Subject Tests- Classes at Memorial HS that can prepare
  5. The Princeton Review:  Test preparation assistance.
  6. Kaplan's Testing Resources:  Test preparation.
  7. Test of English As a Foreign Language:  TOEFL programs and services
  8. Hill-Murray HS: Very nice orientation to SAT-ACT preparation.
  9. Test Prep Review: A new site offering free practice tests for ACTs and SATs.
  10. New (March 2005) ACT/SAT prep site. Very user friendly.
  11. Sparknotes: A new site by Barnes and Noble for ACT, SAT and AP test preparation.
  12. FairTest: A list of colleges that do not use SAT I or ACT scores in admissions decisions.
  13. Study Guide Zone: Another site offering SAT and ACT preparation help.
  14. Madison Public Library: Surprise! They have lots of resources for test prep!
  15. KnowHowToGo Wisconsin: A very good site, from Wisconsin, with excellent test prep material
  16. A new test prep site as of fall 2010!
  17. Galin Education College Admissions and Prep Service in Madison
  18. Another test prep site with free help.
  19. and Resources on both ACT and SAT.

 Pre-SAT tests,  Pre-ACT Tests, and SAT Subject Tests

The 11th grade practice test for the SAT, called the PSAT, is given in October each year. This PSAT test also enters students in the National Merit Scholarship competition. PSAT registration will be held in September.  You can register in Student Services before school or after school on specified dates. Cost is $25. Make checks payable to JMM.  Counselors will be informing students in classes with more specific information in September.

The 11th grade ACT will be given on March 1, 2016 to ALL juniors during the school day. Juniors will be able to use this score to report to colleges for admissions purposes.

See your counselor for information about these tests.

The SAT Subject Tests: Some colleges require one or more of the SAT II subject tests. If you may be applying to one of these colleges, consider taking that subject test just after completing the high school course you took in that subject. Timing this so that it fits with any other testing is crucial. Be sure to see your counselor about this.