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Are you looking for opportunities to help others? Great! Click on the following link to discover the wide range of opportunities available through the United Way's Volunteer Clearinghouse. And don't forget Memorial's own Spartan Youth Service Team. See the main JMM Homepage and go to Student Activities to discover this club. Or visit this link for Adult Volunteer Opportunities.

The Faculty Senate Service Award:

PURPOSE? To recognize those Memorial students who do voluntary, significant, and UNPAID service work in their neighborhoods, schools, or communities.


Amount of Accumulated Service
50 Hours of Service Certificate
100 Hours of Service Certificate
150 Hours of Service Certificate
200 Hours of Service Your name is engraved on the permanent plaque at JMM

PROCESS? Go to your Neighborhood Office, see your club adviser, or click the following link to print or pick up the Student Volunteer Hour Tracker form to document your service work. Fill out the form, document your volunteer hours, and secure a signature from your Agency or on-site supervisor. Return signed and completed forms to Ms. Braun in the Wisconsin Neighborhood Office, 608-663-6101.

EXAMPLES OF SERVICE: Things you do to help others. Things you do alone or with others to help someone in your community. Scout projects. Church projects. Being a Peer Tutor at JMM. Volunteer work for just about any community organization.Service projects that a student club organizes. If you are unsure if the activity will count, ask Mr. Matt Kvistad, National Honors Society Adviser, in the Mathematics Department.

Other Resources:

  1. LANDMARK VOLUNTEERS: A nonprofit organization that finds summer community service for HS students.
  2. AMERICAN FAMILY CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL: A variety of volunteer opps at the new west side hospital.
  3. JMM Volunteer Opportunities