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 Sword and Shield

The Sword & Shield is Memorial's official school newspaper. Established in 1967 and run by students ever since, The Sword & Shield aims to give a voice to Memorial's student body. Each monthly issue contains important news, school events, student opinions, sports happenings, and arts.

Looking for old issues? They have been moved to the Sword and Shield website, at

Spartans: if you are interested in writing articles for the newspaper, don't hesitate! The Sword & Shield is always looking for contributors, and you can write about a variety of topics, such as clubs, sports, advice, music, news and opinions. Come to the Sword & Shield meetings MONDAY LUNCHES in the photo studio (room 521), contact Mrs. Parris Ford, or just send in your articles to MEMORIALSWORDANDSHIELD@GMAIL.COM

Parents/Guardians: Each month, the Sword & Shield will be emailed to you through the email you gave when you registered your child. If you would like to add your email to our electronic mailing list, please email We also welcome your questions. 

Alumni/Community: Stay in touch with Memorial's current events and student opinions! If you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive monthly issues through email, please send an email to

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