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If you are a part of the JMM Community, you are automatically a member of the JMM Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (PTSO).

The mission of the PTSO is to engage, educate and empower our community in an effort to improve the educational experience of all students.

Active members of the PTSO

  Build community amongst parents and staff in support of our students

  Assist families in understanding the school and how we can support the efforts of staff

Improvements in the works

  Recruitment of more prospective members to the PTSO

  Efforts to make JMM a more welcoming, community-oriented center for students and families

  Improved communication methods with an inclusive email list

  Continued efforts to celebrate JMM teachers and students

Be sure to check out the latest happenings of JMM and our PTSO at our JMM PTSO Facebook page

And, email to request to be added to our email distribution list

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